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We are an artisan manufacturer, specializing in all-natural, gourmet flavours from around the globe. Using locally sourced fresh ingredients, our soups are hand made and kettle cooked in small batches and are conveniently packaged in ready to serve, frozen pouches. 

Save Time Without Sacrificing Gourmet Quality

No mixing, no cooking - Simply thaw, heat and serve up consistent quality that will keep your customers returning, time after time.

Discover Our Vegan & Gluten Free Options

Whether you would like to enhance your existing soup menu, or wish to WOW your patrons with an amazing soup of the day, our product line can help add some excitement to your daily soup menu.



A TASTE OF INDIA: Golden Curried Lentil - (Butter) Gluten-free

"A must have for your menu! A superb blend of red lentils, chick peas & potatoes. This soup is an authentic blockbuster!" - That Guy

A TASTE OF MEXICO: Chipotle Corn Chowder - Vegan, Gluten-free, Low-fat

"A fiery (non GMO) corn chowder that is good for your body AND your taste buds! Add a little cream and some grilled, free range chicken to create your very own signature soup for your carnivore loving customers" - That Guy

A TASTE OF IRELAND: Potato Chowder with  Roasted garlic - (Dairy)

"Leeks & onions simmered in Guinness, along with russet and red potatoes and a hint of fennel & dill makes this velvety soup perfect for a cold winter's day" - That Guy

A TASTE OF RUSSIA: Original White Russian Borscht - (Dairy) Gluten- free

"This is the Doukhobor style borscht that started us off & is still our most popular soup today! Everyone loves this humble soup & our doors must always be locked during our production runs in order to keep our neighbours away!" - That Guy

A TASTE OF MOROCCO; Moroccan Pea - Vegan, Gluten-free, low fat, High fibre

"This incredible soup combines split peas, yams, tomatoes, ginger and whole peas with an array of North African spices. Not only does it taste fantastic, if you keep eating it, you might start looking like Posh & Becks!" - That Guy

A TASTE OF ZIMBABWE: African Peanut & Yam - Vegan, Gluten-free

" Ginger, tomato, peanuts, yams and a touch of lemon gives this uniquely wonderful soup its Rock Star appeal" - That Guy

A TASTE OF NEW MEXICO: Ancho Black Bean with Lime - Vegan, Gluten-free, Low fat, High fibre

"Big, bold Southwestern flavours with a hint of molasses and finished with cilantro...add a scoop of fresh salsa with some crumbled tortilla chips & you've created your own vegetarian masterpiece!" - That Guy

A TASTE OF THAILAND: Red Curry Vegetable with Coconut & Lime - Vegan, Gluten-free

"A full flavoured, exotic soup that will please anyone who wants to take a trip to Thailand on a tight budget! Feel free to add some grilled chicken & a dash of cream and your meat loving customers will be pulling an Oliver!...Please Sir, may I have some more?" - That Guy

A TASTE OF TUNISIA: Carrot & Ginger with Whole Wheat Couscous - (Dairy)

""A delightfully creamy carrot & ginger laced soup with tomatoes and finished with cilantro. This delicious soup will keep your customers coming back day after day"

- That Guy

A TASTE OF TUSCANY: Tuscan Country Vegetable - (Dairy) Gluten-free

"A tomato cream broth, loaded with all the good stuff like spinach, kidney beans, carrots, zucchini, celery, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic and Al Pacino!" - That Guy

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